Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch up

I'm about to try this blogging thing again. After having several months off due to the injury I will be doing several things at once (yes I know, take it easy girl...). Ketah will be out of shape, she is now 24. I will be out of shape, and Sati will still be green. Until then I found some posts I never posted (no idea why). Maybe I will throw some other stuff in as well. We shall see.

We had a gorgeous summer (in other words...dry) so I spent a lot of time on horseback. Poor boyfriend got left alone nearly every weekend for most of my waking hours. Good thing he knew this was coming.


Ketah and I explored a bunch of new trails using my favorite navigation method: get lost. Seriously, that's what I do. I can pretty much count on Ketah to tell me which way is home (and mostly I know). But in the northwest you can't always get through the thick underbrush. More than once we started to follow a deer trail that petered out in a tangle of bushes and trees that we couldn't push through.

This leaves many nice, long, bloody, scratches as everything that seems to grow around here has thorns (or stings...damn nettles).

In this process however, we found a number of nice new trails including a gorgeous long ride into some old growth groves with a waterfall! This one will even be accessible through the winter as the trails didn't seem to have any deep muddy areas.

I'm also learning more about how to take care of her feet. I've added pads to the inside of her EasyBoots to help her entire foot get used (gently) and she quite likes them! And while I'm sure you don't mind listening (reading?) to me go on and on about Ketah, the real question is...

How is Sati doing?

She's great! I have ridden her once or twice a week since we got back from our trip to Glacier. In return she has been rapidly improving her balance and response to me. So rapidly in fact that we've run into a bit of trouble.

See, as much as I love Ketah, her early abuse and our years of learning and relearning together has left her somewhat insensitive to my mistakes. Or perhaps she knows me so well that she does what I want even if I'm not asking 100% correctly. I'd like to think the latter, it says nice things about our level of communication after all.

But either way, this presents me with a small problem. Sati is VERY sensitive. I'm trying very hard to be aware of this. Maybe I'm trying too hard actually...What this means though, is that some things I ask for she does immediately. Some things...not so much. And it's not her, it's me. Somehow I'm asking wrong and she's getting confused.

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