Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting eggs...

I should know better than to crow about a youngster's great manners. Oh, before I get started here I am trying out the name "Sati" right now. It's cute, already as short as it can get and it's the name of a Hindu goddess. Anyhow, my last post mentioned how great Sati was doing in her manners. Well, following that I failed to work with her for 5 days. Just too crazy at work and at home.

So the day after I discovered the "scratches" I came back to clean up her legs and apply ointment. Mind you, my last post mentioned that she has picked up all four feet for me a few days earlier. Well Sunday she decided she not only was not going to pick up her hind feet (this is our big problem) she was going to return to plowing me over when asked to move out and kick when I try to pick up her hind right foot! Instead of a quick 15 minute vetting, I spent an hour and half working her, cleaning her legs and finally getting ointment on most of her hotspots. I had to get Kristine's help to do it too. Sati has a hell of a temper when she doesn't want to do something.

Apparently our discussions about manners on Sunday made some impact. I went to take care of her feet yesterday and after a short session on the lead line where I required that she stand still then move out in a circle around me, she let me clean and put stuff on her feet without even twitching her tail.

I admit to wondering why I didn't stick to my guns and get a gelding, but I am also glad she's got some attitude. I'd probably be bored if she was too easy.

Ketah is feeling much better too. Due to the time it took to vet Sati on Sunday I only had about an hour and half of daylight to ride (and it was a nice sunny day too). I took Ketah out and she wanted to trot and canter the entire time!

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