Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Planning for the next generation...

I have a rule about my horses. It's pretty simple, a kindergarten rule really. Share them, especially with anyone I know who has children. Most young girls are at some point enamored with horses so I like to encourage that. Their parents don't always realize what I'm getting them into, it's better that way. However, this time they knew and fully approved. My best friend Dan and his wife Kelley brought their 4 month old baby down to visit for Thanksgiving.

Dan expressed a specific desire to start Aylee early on her potential obsession with horses. Expose her to the sight, smell and sound of a barn. Plus he and Kelley wanted to meet Sati. Now, before you get worried I was very safe about it and Kelley knows horses well enough to be safe too. I didn't let Sati near Aylee and I watched Ketah very carefully. Ketah, being older, fairly lazy these days and in a very calm mood was perfect for us. Aylee got to sit on Ketah, while Ketah went to sleep and when Kelley was moving away Aylee was reaching out to Ketah. While I am fully aware that at 4 months old she's just reaching out for everything, I figure we got it in her head. Mission accomplished. Thank you Ketah.

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  1. very adorable. looks like it was a good mission. she's got a great smile on sitting up on Ketah.