Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I suppose since my last post about Sati was describing how bad she'd been I should make another one about how good she was this weekend. Thanks to the DVD mom sent me I've been working on lead line stuff. Sati now moves out in both directions and changes direction pretty well. She still has trouble on the right side but she's getting better and challenging me less often.

I've also been medicating her ankles for "scratches" and she's getting better about me messing with her hind feet. I can now usually pick up all four feet (albeit, I'm very slow about her hinds so she can think about it) without a fight. The "scratches" are getting better slowly. She doesn't seem to be sore anymore. The test is on Friday when my shoer comes to trim her feet. He did ok with her last time, but she danced around and was generally difficult. This time I'm hoping all our work on standing pays off.

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